Essential Ways to Prepare a Child for the First Day of School

The first day at school is a major milestone in the lives of kids as well as parents. This launch of the kid’s learning career is also the first step towards their independence we’re raising our kids for. This day will also mark the beginning of your lives being organized according to the school hours.

From guiding your child to wash his hands before eating anything and not spoiling kids dress to asking him to finish his sandwiches first, parents make every effort to make this journey a comfortable one for the new learner.

Knowing your child is ready for this big day and making him feel ready are two different aspects. From organizing their dresses to preparing their bags, let’s make schooling fun for kids.

Visit the School in Advance

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Many schools allow the parents and the students to visit the school in advance and before the session start. In this way, the students do not get afraid for the first time when they enter the school building. You can pay a visit to their school; make a visit to the classroom and cafeteria. Also, you can check the infrastructure of the school and discuss the same with your kid and know about his observations. This will help in assuring your kid that he will be taken good care of, while he is in school and will be able to meet new people.

Meet the Teacher

Prepare your child for the first day of school

If possible, meet the teacher in charge of the class in advance. Both you and your child will feel comfortable before the class commences. Also, meeting the teacher prior to the class will make sure that the child sees a familiar face on the first day of the school. You can even prepare the cheat sheet for the teacher having all the information related to your kid. The sheet should include your kid’s interests, his favorite games, and talents. You can also mention your worries regarding his first day in school.

Visit the Classroom and Locate the Washroom

Prepare your child for the first day of school

When you visit the school, show the kids the way to their classroom teaching them how to sit on the seats and how to manage the stuff, their books, and their lunchboxes. Also, show them the way to the washrooms and give them the chance to flush the toilet, so that they do not get frightened by the loud flushes when you are not around. School might also offer assistance with every class teacher to help children going to washrooms, add an extra pair of kids shoesin case they spoil the one they are wearing.

Get the School’s Handbook

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Knowing the expectations of the school in advance will help you set your aims and train your kids on time. You can ask for the copy of the handbook and read it well before sending your kid to the school. Reading the rules may give rise to some doubts which might be related to the kids clothesmoney policy, get them cleared as soon as possible.

Shop for School Accessories Together

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Sharing the fun experience of getting school supplies can be exciting and will also build a sense of attachment among the kids with their stuff. You can follow the list given to you by the school and help your kid to choose his favorite items, Tiffin boxes, pencil boxes, bags, and water bottles. Though choosing the color for the kids wear will not be on the list, but taking them along to get the dress of their size will make them feel excited for their first day at school.

Fill In the Lunch Box with Surprise

Prepare your child for the first day of school

The first day in the school can be overwhelming with emotions for your kid and as well as for you. You can cook something good and his favorite food for his Tiffin that he gets excited about seeing. Make food that appeal to his eyes and the one that you have always been saying no to him. This small gesture will make him realize that you too are thinking about him while he is away.

Be Organized

Prepare your child for the first day of school

It is very important to get into the routine of being organized both for your kids and you. Select the outfit to wear, the items to be packed in the bag. Start preparing with the list of items to be included in the lunchbox, ask for his say. Early good habits last forever. You can also start preparing your child for the big day two months prior to the admission. Make it his habit to eat from the Tiffin, train him to get up at the time scheduled for the school, and teach him to talk to everyone politely. These habits developed at the right time will be very helpful for him to adjust positively with the new surroundings.

Be Supportive

Prepare your child for the first day of school

Your kid’s first day in the school can be equally difficult for you. Being supportive will be an easy way to help them overcome the fear of school, after all, you also know they are going to love this after a week or so. Share positive experiences from your school diaries and show him the thing that he is going to enjoy in his new school or second home. Ask him to make new friends and talk to new people and also teach him to share his fears with the teacher as she will be only there to assist him in your absence.

Be Supportive at Drop Offs

Prepare your child for the first day of school

You need to act strong this time. Give plenty of hugs and kisses but act in a balanced way. If you have successfully filled your child with the excitement for his first day in the school, this goodbye session will not be difficult. With all the positivity you have passed on to your kid, he will be equally excited to experience a new beginning.

All you have to do is to keep a smile on your face at the time you bid byes and trust the authorities that they will take good care of him. Assure your kid that you will be waiting for him at the end of the day and make sure to be on time.

Do not forget to take pictures for the first day at school this will be no less than a treasure that you will look back with fondness. Teach your child how to react with issues related to bullying and stranger danger. Also, help him manage his emotions related to anger and frustration. Adding an extra set of kids dress to his bag will be a very intelligent decision because you never know when they spoil it even after taking so many precautions.

A positive attitude will help everything fall in place and you will be able to create memories to cherish for lifetime. Following these things might not completely avoid tears, but will make this transition a healthy experience. Be ready at the end of the day to welcome your little scholars with a smile and join them when they come up with new stories every day.

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Classy Ways for Kids to Wear Denim

Denim-Wear-Styles-for-KidsDenim has made its way back into the latest trends among kids wear as well as for the adults. It can be denim on denim look, or denim skirts with plain t-shirts, denim trend is back in fashion. If you are the one who likes to experiment with colors, you can pair your kids wear denim trousers with colorful shirts or else you can go with blue on blue, simple, casual, and classy.

Mix and match is the best way by which you can style your kids’ dresses and give them a different look every time they step out. Here are some interesting ways by which you can style your kids with denim looks:

Denim Shirts

Denim shirts are never out of the trend and can easily fit in the wardrobe of boys as well as girls. Moreover, it is the kind of clothing that can be worn at any time. You can wear a t-shirt with buttons opened. This can also be worn in a knotted pattern over the top of any kids dress. Also, one can adorn these shirts like a normal shirt fully buttoned over the denim trousers giving your baby girl an ever classy look.

Denim Jacket

Be it spring, summers, or winters, the denim jacket is one such item that can easily be considered for all the seasons. This stylish outfit goes with all kinds of kids wear and adds to your kid’s style in almost all kind of occasions. You can plan a visit to a local market, or can also carry your kid to a casual party, with him wearing denim jackets and denim trousers.

Denim Dungarees

Dungarees are the latest trending among dresses for girls that can be worn with lined or checked or even plain t-shirts. You can wear light colored t-shirts to look more presentable. You can even update the look by adding hats and caps for some beachside fun for your kids.

Denim Jeans

Definitely, all-time wear for girls as well as boys, denim jeans are perfect and comfort wear for all age groups. You can wear them with shirts, t-shirts, kurtas and with almost all kind of uppers. Also, these can be worn for all the occasions, from casuals to party wear dress with simple detailing or even in rugged patterns. You can also make your kid wear a denim shirt over denim jeans to give him a different look. Other than this, as denim is all-season compatible, you can wear them with woolen tops and jackets in winters as well.

Denim Skirts

This can be considered as another wardrobe basic for your baby girl. This is something that your daughter will love and adore. Also, you can very easily pair this denim skirt with knitted tops or even sandos or t-shirts. These skirts can be worn with denim footwear and your daughter can be given a complete party wear look.

Denim Frocks

The comfort and the ease offered by the denim frocks to the baby girls cannot be compared. Moreover, the ease of wearing and carrying is incomparable. They not only add style to your kid’s look but also make it easy for them to avoid sweating while they play. Paired with denim shoes these frocks are wonderful attire for kids when they go for their school trip.

Denim Shorts

Shorts are the most preferred selection for kids during summers. When they go out to play or even when you take them on a beach trip, denim shorts give them a perfect look. Pair them with plain t-shirts or even the knitted ones. Denim shorts are available in varying designs from plane to rugged and even printed. You can also choose cartoon printed shots with designed pockets to give your kid a funky look.

Denim Hats and Belts

You will definitely love these denim accessories more than the dress itself. To protect your kid from the scorching heat of the sun in the summers, you can easily add this hat to his look. This will look stylish as well as protective. Also, denim belts can be used over any kind of dresses to give them a presentable look. Other than this, there are denim wallets and key rings available that look very attractive.

Styling your look with denim can be done in multiple ways. In this blog, we have mentioned a few. Kids wear come in amazing designs and patterns that enhance their look. Being a parent, you have to choose the exact dress that will suit the occasion without compromising with the comfort of your kids. From denim hats to Denim shoes, you can get your kid completely dressed in this amazing dress material. Denim fever is never going out of trend and moreover always gives you kid an attractive look.

Ways To Remove Baby Stains And Wash Their Clothes!

Once you have your baby in your arms, your ears will receive a lot of advises. Becoming a parent is not that easy and thus people will give you parenting guidance, will get you books about baby care and much more but you think anyone will tell you about how to wash their clothes and get rid of the baby stains. By baby stain we mean, poop, pee, saliva, their food stains etc. Well, baby laundry is a skill you’ll have to master in according to make your baby feel fresh and smell good. Here are some tips on how to remove stains, do you need a special detergent or you need some stain removers? Let’s see how it works!

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how to remove food stain from cotton clothes?


Wash Baby Clothes Before Wearing

Washing new baby clothes once before making them wear is really essential for both the baby’s care and the clothes. Clothes displayed in showrooms gets a little dirty as the dust comes in the wind, also they have been touched several times by customers. Not washing them right away will make them more dirty and you know well how much energy and time a stubborn stain takes!

Special Detergent?

There are special detergents available in the market for baby clothes. There are detergents that are extra gentle and are made to target baby clothes but to use them is not a compulsion. You can also go for homemade cloth detergent, they are very useful for baby laundry. You can wash your baby’s clothes in a normal detergent but if you are getting him all other things special, why not get him a special detergent too.

A Regular Baby Laundry

Babies go through many outfits a day. So at the end of the day what you sleep with, is a pile of baby clothes but instead of getting to bed, ignoring the pile we suggest you to wash them. Daily washing takes away the dirt making the dress pristine. Clothes piled up from long results in stain hard to remove. We also suggest you to have limited clothes for use and also it will make it easy for you to wash it daily.

Basic Stain Removal

Some stains are really rigid. They don’t go that easy, you need to rub and rub and rub which results in fading of it’s color and shine. So what’s the alternative? What else you can do? Soak it! Yes soak your baby clothes in a baby detergent to use it with a Basic stain removal later. The stain will get perfectly washed away. See how good of a mom you are, the hard stains for you are not at all hard.

The Ultimate Stain Remover

Many of you out there must not know about this amazing and natural stain remover, yes! Free of cost too. If you listen to us we would advise to go behind natural things for your baby as usage of fewer chemical is good for your baby’s health. Isn’t it? Okay! Let’s reveal what’s the natural stain remover we are talking about. Sun! An hour or two of sun let the stain gets less noticeable. Sometimes helps to vanish too. Why not try out yourself and see.

See how easy did we make for you to get rid of the baby dirt. Following these simple steps, you can keep your baby all healthy and stain free, also these work well even when the question is how to remove food stain from cotton clothes?

New Era New Shopping Technique – Online Shopping For Kids Clothes

Don’t underestimate your little daughters. They are smart enough to decide what is good and suitable for them. They are raised by watching the Princess and fairies on the T.V that’s why they dream to be one of them. Therefore, the best way to make your little love happy is to shop the things she love to have. But these days due to hectic schedule you are still confused that how to find the best clothes and accessories for your princess. Come on! you are a 21st century mother. Whose intelligence is not bounded within the walls of home. They complete all their responsibilities smartly. But, it becomes very difficult to you to manage time while roaming in the market for shopping. It is quite boring and tiresome process. So, be smart and opt for the online shopping. You can find party wears to casual wears for your baby at the best prices. Even you had not to worry about traveling with that heavy stuff. Online shopping for kids clothes is emerging trend to save time.

Style Diva Electric Blue Backless Kids Party Dress

Style Diva Electric Blue Backless Kids Party Dress

Presenting you the stylish electric blue backless dress . It is available online with suitable price and with various fitting size. The royal blue colors attracts the people at one glance. To make it more attractive there are cute bows on the back and front. The flares gives it a fluffy appearance just as the Princess in the Beauty and the Beast. The neck is beautifully designed with sequins and well embellished. You can have a pair of silver sandals and silver accessories the perfect matching accessories with dress. This dress is comfortable and suitable for many important occasions. Be a smart mother by buying cheap and beautiful stuff.

Elegant Red Rose Pearl Kids Dress

Elegant Red Rose Pearl Kids Dress

Red is a very charming and warm color. Most of the females choose this color due to its elegance and attractiveness. Your little one will look gorgeous in this captivating red dress. The pearl on the neckline and cute bow on the waistline and the embellishment on the hemline highlights and beautifies the beauty of the dress. Zip enclosure at the back make it more comfortable to wear. But, without accessories how can one wear it on the festivals and ceremonies. At the same time search for the best foot wears the suitable match for the dress. Red and golden these two colors are perfect for the foot wears. So for whom you are waiting for take benefits of your Jio connection for making your life more trouble free.

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Minty Diva Bloom Kids Gown

Minty Diva Bloom Kids Gown

This light colored beautiful gown wit the flower applique makes the dress beautiful. Your angel will look like Cindrella midst the crowd. Back zip closure and splendid net flares make it more exquisite. Tiara as a hair accessory will enhance the beauty of hairs. It is sleeveless gown so a bracelet with golden leaves and flowers is only made for the gorgeous little lady. The dazzling, gorgeous diva of yours will look like a model of Lakme fashion week.

Stylish Stripes Pink and Blue Kids Dress


Stylish Stripes Pink and Blue Kids Dress

Your choice reflects your sense of fashion. The stylish dress is not far away from your wardrobe. The color combination of Pink and Blue look splendid together. Stylish stripes make this dress more unique. This off shoulder dress is perfect in summer. The zip closure makes it easy to wear and give perfect fit. Pink is all time favorite of little ones. So, why not pink and blue this time. Go ahead and get the foot wears of matching colors. You can also opt black color sandals as they are fit for all kinds of colored outfits. In hair accessories flower applique or well embellished hair accessories are perfect one. Why you are wasting your precious time in the markets just get some WiFi and shop online.

The discounts and offers even the variety you will find online you won’t get easily in the market. Online shops are your own shop. This had made shopping very easy and techno friendly. Most of the time we went to the market and the sales person or the shopkeeper fools us by selling a costly product. But, online shops are the best for the consumers. You get what you want. Shop happily with Baby Couture and have a great shopping experience.

Leggings To Add More Trendiness In Your Baby Girl’s Dressing

When you think of going of shopping for your kids, you always go for dresses, frocks, gowns etc but there is something more when it comes to shopping for kids and that’s leggings. Leggings looks very smart and stylish when you match it up with perfect tee or tunic. There are plethora of options to make your girl look amazing, as these days you are going to find wide range of girl’s dressing options online as so do kids leggings online India in every e-store, but the only thing that as a parent you need to keep in mind is the fabric quality and comfort. Therefore, we have compiled few best leggings options from our huge collection, scroll down to check it out.

Aakriti Creations Sea Green Floral Leggings

leggings for girls

This sea green leggings will look nice with a black tunic or white tee. The flower applique on sides of the leggings is adding grace and making it look more pretty. Your girl will feel very comfortable as the fabric is very good and picked keeping in mind the delicate skin of baby girls.

Aakriti Creations Cute Mouse Patch Aqua Blue Leggings

leggings for girls

It’s a cute mouse patch leggings which will adorable touch in your girl’s attire. The lace work on ankle side looks very pretty. It’s a cute piece to add in your girls collection. You can match it up with a hot pink top or a cartoon tee to make it look more charming on your little fashionita.

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Aakriti Creations Adorable Navy Blue Crown With Bow Design Leggings


Now this is the most gorgeous piece we have in our collection. It has this navy blue crown with bow design which looks very cute. The color of the legging is very bright so you can match it up with mustard color tunic or top. It’s super comfortable to wear and the fabric is very soft.

Aakriti Creations Stylish Grey Lace Work Leggings

leggings for girls

It’s a pretty decent color leggings which has this gorgeous lace work to make it look pretty. As the color of the legging is very light, you can team it up with some bright color tunics or tops, like Red, Hot pink, Blue etc. The elasticated fit of the leggings makes it easy to wear and best fabric will give your girl all day comfort.

These are some very comfortable and stylish leggings we have in our e-store. You can explore more by visiting our website and choose the best one for your pretty girl.

Is Your Toddler Underweight? We Got Some Tips For You

Being a parent you know that feeding a little kid can be challenging. Kids are seldom picky regarding what they eat, which makes it difficult for the toddlers to get proper nutrition. When your little one is underweight, parents often worry about the reasons why their little one is not growing weight in a normal way. There can be a plethora of reasons for your toddler not gaining as the child next door. Try not to worry, there is plenty parents can do to increase your child’s appetite and help your little one to stay healthy!

Patient mother and naughty son

Serve More Than 5 Meals To Toddlers

Toddlers are very active and just giving them those basic 3 meals aren’t enough for them to generate the desired energy. So, top up their basic meals with few healthy snacks in addition to the regular meals. This would take care of your kid’s healthy appetite, energy levels and most importantly, the underweight problem.

Establish A Relaxed Routine Of Eating

We know your child’s weight is making you feel anxious, but don’t try to pressurize him to eat and always eat. Help your child to enjoy his meal and eat well by motivating him to feel relaxed and easy at mealtimes. Whenever possible, try eating at the table as a family and not at distinctive times. Turn off the gadgets, television and just concentrate on eating with your child.

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High-Calorie Foods

Maximize the calorie intake in your toddler’s diet. Go for grilled cheese sandwiches, peanut bread-butter, blend of peanut butter and powdered milk, dried fruits with candies and nuts are few of the high-calorie intakes your little one certainly won’t repel. There are more calories in carbohydrates than vegetables or fruits, therefore, muffins topped with butter or jelly or whole grain breads would be a better option!

Avocados And Nuts

Avocados make for one of the best source of vegetarian fat and are highly rich in the healthy fat. Additionally, cashew nuts and almonds can be added to your toddler’s cereal. But keep in mind that, nuts should be given in the powdered form as they can result in choking risk in toddlers.

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Children’s Nutrition Shakes

High calorie nutrition shakes for children contain healthy combo of carbohydrates, fats and protein. Encourage your child to drink these healthy nutrition shakes between their meals and this would help boost the fat and calorie intake for healthy weight gain. But do consult your doctor first before making your child go for these nutrition shakes.

So, you need not worry about your toddler being an underweight child! Follow these best of lots advises and see your baby gain wonders in weight.

5 Classy Outfit Ideas For Your Baby Boy’s Birthday Bash

Being a parent can you just imagine celebrating your little one’s birthday in just a casual way, without any buzz? Every parent wants to celebrate the birthday of their tiny bundle of happiness in the most memorable and special way so that they remember it for the lifetime. So exclusively for the sake of your little man’s birthday, there is a question surrounding you every now and then, how to dress your little man like a prince? Your baby boy birthday dress should be the one making your tiny bundle of happiness look outstanding amongst the lot! Of course, it’s his special day and you don’t want any stone unturned for his happiness. We have penned a few baby boy birthday outfits which would go your baby boy merry-go-round!

Black Handsome Boy Checkered Suit Set


What would be more perfect than having this Black Handsome Boy Checkered suit for your young man? For your little man’s grand day this stylish suit set makes for an ace outfit. Having a half sleeves white shirt accompanied by in-vogue checkered waistcoat this set would proudly help to celebrate your little one’s life one of the most precious moment!

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Boys Cool Shirt & Khaki Pants Set


It’s your little one special day and it’s time to style your young prince in this refreshing attire. Boys Cool Shirt & Khaki Pants Set exhibits a cool and eye-soothing printed shirt. Adding more to its cuteness and style it comes with a super cute tiny bow tie! Your child would love to be dressed in this trendy apparel and making his birthday even more fun.

Funky & Cool Boys Style Half Pant Blazer Set


What more classy to dress up your young man like a gentleman on his special most day! This Funky & Cool Boys Style Half Pant Blazer Set has a pink colored half shirt and polka dots add a little more charm to its grace. The waistcoat having front pockets will give your little man a perfect look and knee-length pant having button closure will make the fit even more comfortable.

Blue Handsome Boy Checkered Suit Set


Make your little one as handsome as ever on his special day in this Blue Handsome Boy Checkered Suit Set! Proving to be of utmost comfort and classiness, this suit set would be an ideal one to make your baby boy stand outta the crowd. Having the in vogue checkered waistcoat and a cute little red bow completes the dazzling look of attire of your little one. This suit set would be perfect for your tiny bundle of happiness.

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Boys Cool Casual Dress Set


Having a cool and sophisticated checked shirt dolled up with a cute tiny bow tie, Boys Cool Casual Dress Set makes for the perfect combo to dress your little man for his special most occasion. Having the perfect blend of comfort and style this dress is sure a grab-it-now dress for your kid!

So, look nowhere else for the perfect birthday dress for baby boy online, hop onto Babycouture and just grab these 5 overhead mentioned dresses before they get vanished!

Helping Kids Manage Stress- Coping Skills

Stress, a word we recognize more than our own names! That might not sound completely sane but part of it is certainly true, for everyone. You are stressed about everything, from job to parenting, to household chores to finances. These are big matters and stress you but your child might think these are trivial issues. Same goes with you and you tend to avoid your child’s stress. Yes! Your little one has his own issues to take care of and yes he is stressed. Too much homework, heavy schoolbag, punishments, less playtime and so on, the list goes on! See how much your child is stressed and he needs you, your support to cope up with these everyday challenges that life throws at him. You can help your child, put your foot forward and make things easy for him. We are here to give you tips to guide you through it, read on to know more!



Did you know taking deep breaths actually has a physiological impact on your body? Breathe and breathe deep to relax your mind and leave the worries behind. Divert your child’s attention to deep breathing while he is stressed. Use a soft toy, bubbles or a feather to divert their attention. Let them laugh and take it easy!



You can use your imagination to relax your senses. Tell your child to think of a place he really likes, maybe a vacation spot. Ask him questions like what he will do there, see or eat there. A smile will emerge on his face and you know the stress is gone to the winds!

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A drink of water especially cold water is awesome to relieve stress. Water is a great way to relax body muscles and if you could present it with a straw its even better. Your child will suck at the straw with resistance and this is one of the best oral sensory ways to get your calm back!



What is better than a good laugh to push stressing thoughts behind your back? What makes your child laugh? Funny videos, jokes, comedy shows? Whatever it is, use it for your child’s own good. Laughter is the best medicine and is side effect free, so it’s a win-win situation!


It might interest you to know that when we are stressed we have increased energy in our hands. Release this pent up energy to calm your senses. Take your child to a nearby park and encourage him to play, run and exert himself. Once the energy is spent, your child will feel light and relaxed!

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When you are stressed, keeping your hands busy will help. When you see your child in stress put fidgeting toys near him to hold and play with. Stones, cards, shells and the like are great to keep hands busy and play its role in relaxing your child’s mind and body!



The simplest way you can help your child let go of his stress is by taking him out for a walk. Being in touch with nature is great to release stress. If possible encourage your child to walk barefoot on the green grass of the park, the cold earth, and ticking grass will help him loosen up!

These are easy ways to cope up with stressful situations your little one is facing every day. Help your child take a step towards a relaxed mind to enjoy his childhood more. See the smile your little one flashes after you help him with these tricks and you know you’ve got the reward already!

11 Things Your Baby Doesn’t Actually Need

Every parent gets excited with the arrival of newborn and wish to do every possible thing for her. From perfect footwear to perfect clothes. From bath thermometer to bottle warmer. We as a parent buy things which look cute, instead of useful.

Fulfilling every baby’s need and requirement, is too expensive these days and in this situation, if we spend money on things which are just for fun and not necessity then it’s a blunder. You must have experienced that NO SPACE in your newborn wardrobe that is because you have stuffed things which are not important. Therefore, to save you from committing this not so much needed mistake, we have come up with 12 things your baby actually doesn’t need. So, let’s discuss them all.

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Bath Thermometer


You can buy bath thermometer but obviously you know that you just have to put your finger in the water to check the temperature of water.

Traditional high chair


Babies do need a place to eat but a traditional high chair is not a very good idea. Because it will take a lot of space, whereas the best alternative for this is clip-on high chairs . You just have to clamp the hair on the side of the table and remove it when not in use.

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Expensive Wipes


No doubt that expensive wipes have some substance which dissolves mucus but a warm towel or a baby wipe will surely going to do the same thing as well and that too in less price.

Diaper Stacker

Diaper Stacker.jpg

Filling the diaper stacker and then stumbling to get the diapers out, will take loads of time. Whereas you can take a cute basket to put diapers and see you are done. Easy and inexpensive.

Expensive Baby Bedding

Expensive Baby Bedding.jpg

Hahaha!! Just remember one thing before you pump into buying such an expensive bedding for your newborn. It will be peed on and going to washed over and over again. No need to put your all hard earned money on expensive bedding. Save it for much-needed things like education or vaccinations.

Bottle warmer

You must have seen this thing in your own house that mother’s warm bottles in a bowl of hot water, instead to unnecessarily buying a bottle warmer. Trust us you can also warm your baby’s bottle like this.

Stuffed soft toys

soft toys.jpg

Babies show interest towards stuffed toys when they are at least six months old. So, gathering soft toys before that is just not required. And the most unforgettable reason is SIDS risk.

Baby food maker

Tel us one thing, Do you have a blender at home? If you do then you serious don’t need baby food maker. Blender will fulfill all the requirements done by baby food maker.

Wipes warmer

wipes warmer.jpg

Unless and until you don’t live in a place where even tap water become ice than you don’t need wipes warmer for sure. But places where cold is beyond tolerance, there it is the best choice. Otherwise, if you are living in Mumbai and using Wipes warmer, trust us it’s a big waste of bucks.

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Fancy pants stroller

fancy stroller.jpg

Tell us one thing genuinely, do you seriously need a phone charger in your baby’s stroller or a BPA snack tray in your baby’s stroller? We guess not. A simple stroller with some much-needed features in more than enough.

Formula mixer

Spending so much on formula mixer is really not needed when you can use your hands to shake the bottle and mix the mixture accurately.

Go through these points and save your money for your baby’s bright future instead of spending so much on these unnecessary items. Stay tuned with us and get more knowledge regarding healthy parenting.

Tips for Photographing Your Newborn

Photographs capture a moment that will be gone forever the next second. They give permanence to the transitory, and save the fondest of our memories so that they can be shared and be looked back at.In this regard, the joy of having a baby, without a doubt is the greatest of all. Further, raising this young life is one delightful journey which deserves to be documented and captured in the lens.

Given below are a few worthy tips that can help you in photographing your baby for the first time, in order to store those never to be repeated moments of your little bundle of joy in a frame forever.

1. Don’t Make it a one-day affair:


Having a professional baby photo-shoot with elaborate photo-props for babies is quite a norm these days. You too can have one, but to say the least, it will only help you in getting some wow pics to frame and hang in the house. The real joy comes from self-photography. Clicking baby pictures as and when you find the right moment. Each day will offer you atleast one moment with the newborn when you would want to cement that reaction or movement of the child. So keep the camera handy.
2.Prepare before the birth:

Happy mid adult man touching her pregnant wife's belly at home

By preparing before the birth, we mean, to have some discussions with your partner as to how and when you’d like to click baby pictures and to what purpose. For eg., you’d want to capture the very first moment of your baby coming to the world, so mental preparedness is required. Ahead of that too, mutual understanding and co-operation is much needed to have baby photography be a part of the child-raising process.
3.Capture the Firsts:


This is the best way of making a meaningful baby-photo album. Capture the first time the mother and father hold the baby, capture his first bath, the fist time you notice him crawl, the first feed, the first smile,the first time s/he holds your the first baby step – click it all.  You don’t need a professional camera, all you need is spontaneity and your smart phone.


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4.Capture The Real Moments:


There is no need to wait for a special day to hold a special photo shoot. Plus you cannot expect your young one to give in your demands of posing for the camera. Enjoy capturing the real moments. Babies don’t really need to pose or get all dressed up to look adorable. It just comes naturally. So whenever you find that ultimate charming moment, like when your baby girl is having a hearty time with her dad (believe it the best little girl photo-prop is her dad) just hold that moment forever in a picture. Years later, it will be the most loved possession for her.
5. Capture the details:

Newborn baby feet in the mother hands

With baby pictures, focusing on not just the face works well. Zoom in to focus on his cute little toes or the belly, just the head or the tiny fingers. Highlight his big eyes, or the only tooth that has just come. You will cherish such pictures forever. Baby feet pictures are genuinely the cutest of all. These will remind you of how everything  about the delicate little delighted you, and not just that face.
6. Go outdoors:


Light can greatly impact your pictures. So set out with your little one, it could be your backyard, or a park. Click her in bright day light. Let the baby be engaged play in her play, and you get hold of the camera and click. Capture the nature and the child’s beauty together. You can have such photo-shoots with the baby in all seasons, and reflect in the pictures the passing of time. Spring, falls, summers or winters; each has it own charm. Just dress the baby appropriately and make a time-line inspired photo album.
7. Create a simple backdrop:


A tip from the pro for the amateurs, keep it simple. Don’t over do the backdrop with too many colors, or scattering too many photo-props around. Yes, the market is flooded with many attractive and innovative options these days, but you don’t have to use it all, or atleast not in a single picture. A tutu skirt or some starry hangings, with a cloud bed are among the best suited baby girl photo props that can be used against a white backdrop. For boys, experiment with an innovative basket or a suitcase in which your little one can comfortably sit.The backdrop or the props should not at any rate overshadow the main subject i.e., your baby.